RANT : "Lazy Nigerian Youths"

“Almost 60% is below the age of 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school, they are claiming that Nigerian has been an oil producing country therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, health care and education free.”

“But let me tell you that recently that my minister for information was constrained to answer the questions when people accuse the administration of doing nothing.”

“Let Nigerians be reminded what conditions we were before May 2015, and what conditions we are now and what we have achieved before then and now. ”

– President Buhari.

The president of Nigeria took it upon himself to announce to the world at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster a few days ago, the quote above and a host of other ridiculous things about Nigerian Youths.

How in the world is the president of a Nation able to make such ludicrous statement about the Youth his leadership is responsible for? What exactly was going through his mind when he made that statement?

How did we get to the point where we are being looked down on and internationally disgraced by the very person who is suppose to make it his business that everything in this country works?! These are the questions raging through my mind right now.

It’s 2:16AM and I can’t bring myself to fall asleep simply because I just can’t reason out WHY such statement was made and to what means?

But then again, what was I expecting from someone who obviously had no intentions of making a difference in this nation. He had only made things worse. From the obnoxious increase in the price of petrol to the devaluation of Naira, to conveniently folding his arms on the kidnap of over 300 chibok girls, the list goes on.

President Buhari has successfully sent Nigeria 15years backwards. Well, he did say he was coming in to “change” things, and indeed he has.

A few tweets from fellow angry Nigerian Youths

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