Hi I'm Yinka, An Actual Human

On a sunny afternoon like any other, a few minutes past 12PM on April 1st a few years ago, I was brought into this world.

The second born in a family of 6. I came into this world knowing nothing, having nothing (figuratively speaking) except my empty mind and my not so invasive curiosity.

I have a very vague recollection of my childhood. I rarely am able to remember what I looked like or what it felt like being a young human. The only compensation to this are the brief stories told by my Uncles and Aunties about how I was as a child.

Before I go any further, I never thought writing about myself will be such a daunting task, this realization, at this very moment, terrifies me.

A permanent student of life, it’s been an interesting journey thus far. I have transitioned from a goofy ass dumb piece of sh*t to a not so goofy as dumb piece of sh*t , lol. So much of this is thanks to a handful of people. Two questions come to mind concerning this article and the blog itself. I will be asking and answering those two questions. The question of “Who” and “Why”.


                     Yinka Oshidipe

Yinka Oshidipe is a young Nigerian Tech enthusiast, wannabe photographer/cinematography and content creator. Notice I didn’t include “writer”, for obvious reasons. He is loved by all, hated by, well, none? He watches YouTube videos more than he should, and hopes to start a YouTube channel soon. lol

The same goes for animes except carrying out the later part of the previous statement.  He’s also an aspiring Software Engineer, he’s favorite programming language is Python (at the moment).

As a side note, he started a blog well over 5 years ago under the domain name “yunggenius.com”, yes, I know it screams “a young wannabe geek’s typical approach to getting attention” and yes, that was exactly what it was… not entirely.



Well, why not? All puns aside (there were no puns BTW, stop searching for it!), I created this blog to share my interests with as many people that are willing to read and also help them by providing practical solution to a handful of tech related problems.

I will be covering topics ranging from SmartPhone reviews to nifty tutorials and how-to’s a lot of interviews, so stick around if you’re into that kind of thing, some DIY if I’m up for it, :D.  A few tips on Blogging as well. Basically, this blog is the place you head over to when you’re in a pinch, you simply silently exclaim “Ohhh Yinka!” and hit the oyinka.com URL on your address bar and boom! Problem solved…

See, see what I did there?

No?… *cricket sound*. Dang it! It was way funnier in my head. :/


This post was originally supposed to be published on April 1st. But for some rather interesting reasons, it was postponed to today.


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